Dingle & District Gun Club Club Rules

1. That the name of the Association shall be the “Dingle & District Gun Club” (hereinafter referred to as the Club).

2. That the Club shall be managed by a committee who shall reside in the area and who alone shall make Club decisions.

3. That all applications for membership shall be in writing and discussed before a meeting of the committee and shall  then be accepted or refused

    by a majority of the committee present.

4. That membership shall be open to residents of the area and to anyone born in the area now living and working away, who wishes to join the Club.

5. That the shooting of hares be prohibited.

6. That every member who is resident of the area be allowed friends on Club grounds, but friend must be kept within reason preferably no more than  two and that     they be accompanied and insured. Non resident members shall not be granted this facility.

7. That property rights to landowners must be respected. Fences must not be damaged nor gates left open.

8. That every member who fails to pay membership and insurance fee annually shall cease to be a member of the Gun Club.

9. That the Club may make a close season on the Club’s grounds within the normal open season.

10. That no member be allowed commercial shooting on the Club’s grounds.

11. That the Club may close membership at any time that the necessity arises.

12. That members exercise every care and caution in the field, and in the handling and maintenance of their gun.