Dingle & District Gun Club DID YOU KNOW .. Did you know …  that hunting is the oldest human ‘sport’. Since the time of the ice ages we’ve been hunting, specially then because men was a nomad. Did you know …  that as it is, some 80% of foxes detected elude hounds due to the scent being lost. Did you know …  That President Garfield’s assassin purchased a gun that he thought would look good in a museum. Did you know … Trapshooting with shotguns began in England in the 19th cent. To simulate the flight of game birds, hence the name clay pigeons Did you know … Skeet, in its early years called "round the clock" shooting, was devised (1910) by C. E. Davies of Andover, Mass.    The name, chosen in a magazine contest, is an old Scandinavian form of the word shoot. Did you know … That the production team of Lord of War bought 3000 real rifles to stand in for AK 47s because they were cheaper than the prop guns Did you know …  The revolver was first created by Samuel Colt when he was 16 years old Did you know … The Nazis created a weapon called the Gustav Gun, and it is the largest gun ever built weighing over 1300 tons     and capable of accurately hitting a target 23 miles away Did you know …  In 1986, the price for an AK-47 in a town in Kenya was 15 cows. By 2005, the price had dropped to just four cows Did you know …  That Russians astronauts took guns into space to protect themselves against bears after they land off-course Did you know …  The first gun was made in 1000 AD in China , it was made up of bamboo and used gunpowder to fire an arrow Did you know …  Picasso used to carry a revolver loaded with blanks that he used to shoot at people, who struck him as overly dull Did you know …  Shotgun manufacturer Mossberg has a line of guns specially designed for killing zombies Did you know …  The earliest surviving firearm has been found from Otepaa, Estonia and it dates back to at least 1396